Log4Shell – Important security update for PROMATIS Extractor

15 prosinca, 2021

Update for PROMATIS Extractor – What to do?

PROMATIS Extractor uses Log4j and is therefore vulnerable to the Log4Shell security gap. To close this gap, we will provide two solution options for you here. These apply to the current version 4.0.4.

PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.4

  • Option 1 “Patch” allows you to patch the installed version. To do so, you can download a patch with the files to be updated. Here, the changes are limited to what is necessary. An attached patch guide explains the steps necessary to implement the solution option.

Download patch

  • Option 2 “App” allows you to download the latest version of the PROMATIS Extractor App 4.0.4. This one already contains the necessary patches and brings the PROMATIS Extractor App up to date. To do so, a complete reinstallation of PROMATIS Extractor is necessary.

Download app

PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.3 and older

For PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.3 and older versions we recommend an update to PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.4. In this case, please contact our support at support@promatis-software.hr.