HCM in transition – What’s behind a successful Employee Journey?

October 11, 2021

Employee Journey – the promising concept for a working world that puts people at the forefront of all considerations. This approach is supported, promoted and shaped by intelligent software solutions. And by using state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence, the systems learn and are able to adapt to changing conditions.

From recruiting to comprehensive HR management to talent management – a modern HCM system promotes the talents and goals of each individual employee until they leave the company, covering a wide range of requirements. In addition, thanks to efficient processes and maximum transparency of current and complete data, a modern HCM system allows relevant decisions to be made within the company. Particularly in the sensitive environment that is personnel management, an approach to the design and introduction of an HCM solution that is harmoniously tailored to the needs in the personnel area is indispensable in order to establish simple and innovative processes in the company through the new HCM system. In this way, a high level of acceptance can be achieved in the HR area and the benefits of a modern software solution can be achieved for both the employees and the company.

For this purpose, it is necessary that, in addition to the introduced modern processes, the unpleasant administrative background work in the specialist and IT departments can be reduced through automation and through interlocking processes so that the focus of the departments can be shifted to prioritized topics. This calls for innovative solutions that specifically address the issues of human capital management.This is evident in the stumbling blocks that occur in practice. A clear approach to the introduction with attention to the needs of the specialist departments as well as a change management focused on the end user on the way to the new system form the basis for successful projects. In addition, it is always a challenge for companies to establish future support organizations, including release management, and to use practical and user-oriented approaches for documentation and end-user training.

PROMATIS is known as the expert for excellent processes, a distinction that is based on established Best Practices. Structured, agile and with high quality standards, PROMATIS implements its solutions, which consist of real Best Practices in addition to the Oracle solutions. See for yourself and learn more about our concepts for your specific HCM – we will happily help you out with our knowledge.

Author: Ansgar Haase

Image: © pixabay.com