Social Innovation Management

Globalization and the constant availability of new – and in many cases disruptive – technologies have been increasingly pressuring companies from all industries to innovate. In most cases, companies are aware of the necessary change requirements, but in some cases a lack of methods and tools prevents them from actually using their own innovative power in a sustainable manner.

Social Innovation Lab

With the Social Innovation Lab, Horus provides a cloud-based network and a proven method that helps companies achieve collaborative innovation management, which allows them to involve external business, research and development partners and consultants in addition to internal know-how contributors.

Social Innovation Lab

PROMATIS offers a full range of services for the Social Innovation Lab in the forms of training and consulting for optimal use in any company:

Introduction Horus Social Innovation Lab

Configuration of a cloud-based private community. Webinar for brief training of community members. Role-specific training online or on-site.

Assumption of dedicated roles in the lab

Special roles, which can be assumed initially or over a defined period of time by qualified PROMATIS consultants according to the Horus method:

Lab moderation, quality management, leadership of special interest groups, expert on demand.

Strategy analysis and kick-off of the innovation process

Conducting analyses and workshops to define the strategic context for the innovation process. Customization of the provided Best Practice Innovation Templates. Moderation of the kick-off session.