Reading recommendation: Collaborative work – the next level of teamwork

02 svibnja, 2023

Our partner Horus software GmbH has published a new blog post on the topic of “Collaborative work – the next level of teamwork”.

Read an excerpt from the post below:

“We all know teamwork as the collaborative accomplishment of a defined task. But there is much more to success-oriented goal fulfillment than just drawing arrows on a flipchart. According to Prof. Florian Becker, one of the leading specialists in business psychology, teamwork is defined by the following characteristics: several participants, task processing based on division of labor, interaction and self-action. On closer examination and considering these aspects, this interactive cooperation as well as the independence – which seems paradoxical at first, but nevertheless contributes decisively to the success of the cooperation – makes a crucial difference to the pure division of labor. Utilizing the skills of each individual, harnessing synergies and using them to generate maximum output is what we call teamwork par excellence.”

You can find the full article from Horus at