PROMATIS goes digital: #1 Digital payroll

28 rujna, 2023

Blog series from the PROMATIS world

Every day, we witness that digitization is not just a trend, but has become part of corporate reality. As a result, companies are facing "major" challenges, such as compliance with supply chain due diligence, or the requirement for homogeneous and transparent financial data across the group. Yet it is precisely the small but significant innovations that show the advantages of digitization for companies.

PROMATIS is an expert in complex and large business solutions, always with the goal of providing customers with the perfect application. This covers both applications and the provision of technical components, which then leads to a holistic solution tailored to the needs of the company. This practical orientation is firmly anchored at PROMATIS and is based on a sensitivity for new challenges as well as creative implementation. And thus, solutions were developed at PROMATIS that allow for streamlining and simplification within PROMATIS’ structures. In this series, we show the innovations that are driving digital evolution – PROMATIS GOES DIGITAL.

#1 Digital payroll

Who doesn't know it, the pay slip, the document we eagerly await every month. It contains many details that are strictly in accordance with the requirements of Section 108 of the German Trade, Commerce and Industry Regulation Act (Gewerbeordnung, GewO), which also dictates that payrolls must be provided to employees in "text form". But that doesn't mean paper form is mandatory, which opens the door to digital pay slips. However, the path to this is not as simple as it seems. While the majority of companies have been using HR software for personnel administration, they have often failed to take the next step – until now, because digitization is unstoppable. For example, DATEV, one of Europe's largest service providers for tax consultants, has seen a fourfold increase in the purely electronic delivery of payment documents within the last three years . The advantages are obvious to all. Printing, enveloping, and mailing the statements is no longer necessary, which saves time, costs and resources. With electronic delivery, however, a number of points must be taken into account with regard to clear allocation and ensuring data security.

As a medium-sized company, PROMATIS is very familiar with this topic. Thanks to an established HR solution, the entire personnel administration is handled digitally. But the media disruption to the paper payroll slip persisted until PROMATIS' experts developed a solution that exactly met our requirements. Thus, the payroll is now created directly from the payroll system as a PDF and is automatically distributed via an Oracle Apex application with e-mail notification. This means that our payroll department delivers the ready salary documents to the employees at the click of a button. This process takes place in an internal portal which, in accordance with the high security standards of PROMATIS, offers everyone their own personal area that conveniently lists all relevant documents and is easy to use. At PROMATIS, this innovation has met great approval and acceptance in all areas, because the digital payroll is now available from anywhere and at any time, even including the entire history of the payrolls. But also, our personnel administration is more than satisfied, because what used to be a monthly payroll marathon is now a thing of the past.

"Digital payroll makes our work much easier," says Susanne Becht, who is responsible for payroll at PROMATIS. "Especially since we can now also ensure that we meet all security standards when handling sensitive personnel data," adds Karin Freese, who is responsible for personnel administration.

Author: Sabine Rudolf
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