PROMATIS Christmas donation 2023: Ethics & AI are a matter close to our hearts!

18 prosinca, 2023

With our long-standing partner Integrata Foundation for more quality of life through information technology

The topic of ethics and AI has never been more relevant. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) should not just be about what is technically possible. Companies must also consider what is ethically justifiable – the issues range from questions of transparency and personal rights to the ecological consequences of data use. The Integrata Foundation promotes social change through information technology and innovative solutions for its humane use. Together with the foundation, we are therefore committed to ensuring that IT is used to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible and not just to rationalize work processes. We are happy to actively support the Integrata Foundation as part of our Christmas donation this year, so that beyond its purely technical application, IT is a tool to make the world a more humane place on both the large and small scale.