Live Experience Cloud – The Customer Service of Tomorrow

14 listopada, 2021

We’ve all been there – you contact customer service with an inquiry or a problem, only to find yourself even more frustrated than before. Either you can’t reach anyone, you have to wait forever for an answer, or you receive an unsatisfactory response. In short, the caller is wasting their time. Nowadays, customers don’t just buy products, they buy experiences – as Tesla, Apple and other brands show. Today, companies no longer need to prove themselves through outstanding products alone; it is the entire customer journey that determines success. Today’s customers want brands that give them exactly what they want, when they want, and where they want. Oracle’s study “Modern Experience for Connected Consumers: Creating Digital Customer Engagement” shows that more than 77% of consumers feel that poor customer service negatively impacts their quality of life.

Proactivity & digital interaction capabilities

To provide customers with an all-around satisfying experience, companies need to put their customers first and see things from their perspective. By being proactive, you can not only attract attention, but also win more customers. However, the most important thing here is to target customers with the right content at the right moment. Factors such as location, device, or the current step along the customer journey, combined with customer data, makes it possible to choose the right moment and content. According to Oracle’s study, 51% of customers are annoyed by long response times and 41% by unresolved problems. Customer service should therefore be quickly and easily accessible and offer effective assistance. This can be supported by screen sharing or video calling, for example.

Today’s customers are used to integrating videos into their everyday lives through services such as FaceTime, WhatsApp and other providers. Therefore, companies should also offer the option to interact with customers in this way. Participants in Oracle’s aforementioned study who are 35 years old or older indicated that they would welcome new digital interaction opportunities with companies. The amount of effort customers are willing to put in to communicate with companies is decreasing; at the same time, they recognize the value of new media, which significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to solve problems. Nevertheless, the desire for personal, human interaction remains. This is why combinations of automated technologies such as chats, videos and screen sharing and personal contact are the key to success.

Cloud agility

Oracle Live Experience Cloud can be easily and quickly integrated into numerous systems. Companies can thus collect and evaluate data from a wide variety of interaction channels and gain valuable insights. All interactions, whether video, screen sharing or conversations, are captured and stored in real-time in the Oracle Cloud. Analytics that evaluate both interactions and behaviors provide companies with the ability to better understand behavioral patterns and the impact of external events. This creates a high degree of flexibility and agility that allows them to act proactively.

Author: Rebecca Zerbo

Image: © tsyhun/