PROMATIS receives BSFZ seal for entrepreneurial innovation competence

July 18, 2023

Research and development under the sign of groundbreaking digitization technologies

The basis for sustainability, technological progress, innovation and economic growth is regular and ongoing investment in research and development (R&D), which is precisely why R&D activities are so important in Germany. In the course of this, the Certification Body for Research Grants (German: 'Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage’, or ‘BSFZ’ for short) awards its seal exclusively to companies that are eligible to claim funding through the research grant. As a process innovator and technology expert, PROMATIS has been honored with the BSFZ seal by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for its entrepreneurial innovation competence in two projects. With this recognition, the specialists for intelligent business processes and Oracle digitalization solutions underline their competence for Business Process Excellence in order to adequately acknowledge the digital evolution with its demand for an ever-increasing innovation speed.

Progress means moving forward, thinking about the future, and mastering constant change. The Act on Tax Subsidies for Research and Development ('Forschungszulagengesetz', or 'FZulG' for short) strengthens Germany as an investment location and promotes R&D activities. The Bescheinigungsstelle Forschungszulage (BSFZ) was established under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research ('Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung', or 'BMBF' for short). Thus, the BSFZ seal is not only a proof of entrepreneurial innovation competence, but also a way to face new volatilities in the future well equipped.

PROMATIS has received the BSFZ seal for the following two research and development projects:

  • Development of a cloud service for the consolidation of distributed ERP systems based on a generically structured data lakehouse

Due to acquisitions or historically grown structures, corporate groups often use several ERP systems that have different data formats – even in ERP systems based on the same software. Consolidation and comprehensive evaluation of data from different ERP systems in a corporate group as well as meaningful use of process mining is therefore only possible with a high level of manual effort. Therefore, an innovative cloud service with a generic structure based on a data lakehouse needs to be developed, which extracts various data from several systems, transforms them into a uniform format and at the same time takes local legal requirements into account. This will allow users an automated and significantly more efficient consolidation process with flexible use of multiple ERP systems, even those without deep IT knowledge. Currently, there is no solution on the market that maps an automated consolidation and evaluation of different data from multiple ERP systems. For the first time, PROMATIS has developed a solution by realizing a generic structure based on a data lakehouse.

  • Development of a method and an associated software system for building and using a digital real-time image of the entire company organization, including business processes and strategies

The aim of the project is to develop a method and an associated software system for setting up and using a digital twin of an organization (DTO), in which the entire company organization is mirrored as a digital real-time mapping. The special feature of the approach pursued is that not only individual business processes (previous DTO) are mapped, but that process-related strategic and operational aspects are also networked and that these relationships are mapped and simulated transparently. In addition, significant further functionalities are being developed, such as offline-capable, collaborative work in the DTO, as well as process mining to feed the DTO with real-time information from operational business processes. Competitors' DTOs can only map individual business processes (artifacts). The original approach of PROMATIS, on the other hand, enables a DTO that integrates all business processes, includes strategic aspects and presents them transparently – a DTO that is equivalent to a market innovation.

Dr. Andreas Hoffknecht, head of the BSFZ, explains: "The BSFZ seal is a strong signal of innovative companies. Whether they conduct research in the lab or develop at the workbench – customers, partners or investors now know at a glance: This company is driving new ideas."

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