Process innovator once again receives BSFZ seal for entrepreneurial innovation expertise

May 7, 2024

Digital twin of the organization in the focus of enterprise governance management

Germany is a country of innovation with a strong science and research landscape. As part of this process, the Certification Body for Research Grants (BSFZ) recognizes companies that implement pioneering digitalization technologies as part of research and development (R&D). As a process innovator, PROMATIS is recognized for its entrepreneurial innovation expertise – so far for two projects – and has been awarded the BSFZ Seal 2024 by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in another R&D project. With this market innovation, the specialist for intelligent business processes and Oracle digitalization solutions is underlining its expertise in Enterprise Governance Management (EGM) to enable companies to manage and control effectively at all levels, minimize risks and ensure long-term success.

Every innovation begins with an initial idea. Every day, new ideas are forged at PROMATIS – and are developed step by step into ready-made software tools and solutions to adequately acknowledge digital evolution with its need for increasingly high innovation speeds. Because progress means moving forward, thinking about the future and mastering constant change. The Act on Tax Incentives for Research and Development (Research Allowance Act, or German: “FZulG” for short) strengthens Germany as an investment location and promotes R&D activities. The Certification Office for Research Grants (“BSFZ”) was set up under the responsibility of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (“BMBF”). The BSFZ seal is therefore not only proof of entrepreneurial innovation expertise, but also an opportunity to be well equipped to deal with new volatilities in the future.

PROMATIS has been awarded the BSFZ seal of approval for the following research and development project:

Development of a method and the associated software components for the application of Enterprise Governance Management (EGM)

Existing GRC solutions (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) focus primarily on risk and compliance, i.e. risk management and compliance-compliant adherence to regulations – Governance, i.e. the support of management and control, on the other hand, is only inadequately dealt with, as the required information, such as cross-divisional and cross-system correlations from company software systems (ERP, HCM, etc.), is not available due to the silo structure or have to be processed at disproportionately high cost. Active assistance in identifying and using such overarching correlations is therefore not provided. However, governance activities are primarily about this: Managing the company, i.e. enabling decision-makers at various levels to make correct and target-oriented decisions. The innovation of this project consequently relates to the additional provision of mechanisms and software tools for the holistic management of the company by making the right information and analysis options available to all relevant employee groups so that they can steer the company in the best possible direction. The PROMATIS EGM solution focuses on precisely this point by enabling company-specific governance activities with the help of a digital twin of an organization (DTO) and other software tools for monitoring, analysis and control.

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