Oracle Protects Healthcare Customers Against Cyberattacks

April 24, 2024

Oracle has launched the Autonomous Shield initiative to help customers migrate to a comprehensive EHR and Cloud Infrastructure solution to reduce risk and increase system performance. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's advanced automation and security is already benefitting more than 1,000 Oracle Health EHR customers.

In the nearly two years since the Cerner acquisition, Oracle has invested tens of thousands of engineering hours and millions of dollars to enhance its core clinical applications and improve cybersecurity for its customers in the healthcare industry. As part of this investment, Oracle has helped more than 1,000 Oracle Health EHR customers dramatically strengthen their defenses against cybercrime by supporting their migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). Customers that migrated to OCI also reported performance gains of 20 to 60%. Today, Oracle is expanding its commitment to create a safer and more secure healthcare ecosystem by launching the Autonomous Shield initiative to simplify and accelerate Oracle Health EHR migrations to OCI at no additional cost.

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