Horus Business Process Management

Whenever changes are made in a company, business processes are the pivotal point. And the quality of the implementation of process changes is always the critical success factor.

Models transform companies

Our strategic partner Horus offers all the essentials needed for successful model-based business process management, from helpful tools to proven process methodology and collaborative labs. For efficient project communication with neat documentation and high-quality project results.

The tools

Business Modeler

Transparent change management along the entire process lifecycle: modeling, simulating, documenting and publishing – the ideal prerequisite for a DTO (Digital Twin of an Organization), the virtual, digital image of an entire company.

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Knowledge Explorer

Device-independent digital innovation and knowledge management

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Knowhow and Best Practice

Knowledge Bases

High-quality, tried-and-tested models for numerous business processes: for accelerated optimization projects.

Social Labs

For the beneficial exchange between all process participants: for sustainable corporate development along the right roadmap.


The intuitive knowledge base enables deep as well as fast insight into the technical structures of Oracle Cloud Applications for different user perspectives.

Flexibility for projects

Based on a strategic distribution and solution partner agreement with the manufacturer Horus software GmbH, PROMATIS distributes the complete Horus product portfolio worldwide. The products are either deployed on-premises or as software services from the Horus Public Cloud or a customer-specific Private Cloud.

Best of both worlds – With Oracle PaaS + Horus

Horus Business Process Management Suite

The flexible Horus business process tools are connected together with the smart Oracle Process Cloud Services under the umbrella of the Horus BPM Suite. This is how we bridge the gap between user-oriented process design and subsequent process implementation and execution with integrated monitoring.

Horus Process Knowledge Management Suite

Horus Tools together with Oracle Content Management Services form the symbiosis for integrated content and experience management.