The application process at PROMATIS - a win-win for both sides

April 11, 2024

We have already successfully implemented our talent management. What this involves, we described in the previous blog post "Talent Management at PROMATIS - The Focus on People". We strongly value one component of talent management: the identification and recruitment of talent for our company. Speed and different conversation partners play a central role in that.

It has long been known in recruiting that the early bird catches the worm. For this reason, it goes without saying that we invite you to get to know us in a phone call immediately after we have received your application – within just a few days. In this phone call, our Human Capital Management (HCM) team introduces the company and the benefits offered by PROMATIS, and provides information on what the applicant can expect in the days and weeks to come. It is important to us that promises to provide the candidate with further feedback are consistently kept. This creates respectful trust between PROMATIS and the applicant at the outset and maintains the potential employee's interest.

In the first interview, we find out to what extent the applicant has experience with the visualization or optimization of business processes and business applications and where the applicant's business focus and technical know-how lie. The answers to the questions "What is particularly important to you about your new employer or your new job?" and "Why did you apply for a job at PROMATIS?" show us whether their values, expectations and ideas match our corporate culture. Finally, we clarify organizational details such as location, start date, salary expectations and any questions the applicant may have.

If the content goes hand in hand with personal liking, we arrange a second interview by video call via a video platform. The interviews with the specialist department in particular go into greater depth and focus even more on the applicant's skills. This is where the managers of the respective department check how problems are approached and how the applicant has mastered tasks and challenges in the past – an indication of independence and solution-oriented work.

If the professional requirements are also convincing and we see the applicant as an ideal addition to the existing team, the final interview takes place with the CEO of the PROMATIS Group, Dr. Frank Schoenthaler – usually in person at our headquarters in Ettlingen. He plays a decisive and strategic role in the selection of talents and is thus happy to take the time to talk to each individual applicant. The quality of the people at PROMATIS has the highest priority and is the key to success. In addition, Dr. Frank Schoenthaler has an all-round view of the large number of projects and provides support in assessing which team the applicant complements best, but also where the need is greatest.

This means that a wide variety of areas are involved in our application process, from the three interview partners in HCM to the specialist department and the CEO. This makes it possible to assess from different perspectives whether and how a candidate fits into the PROMATIS universe in the long term. It also gives the applicant the opportunity to ask a variety of questions and check for themselves whether the chemistry is right and whether they can imagine working with the potential line manager in the future. A win-win situation for everyone involved!

This approach enables us to make a well-considered personnel decision – a selection that suits us best. This three-stage interview process is characterized by a positive candidate journey and has proven its worth at PROMATIS. Receiving once again the Leading Employers 2024 award for the third time in a row confirms our applicant satisfaction. But other awards such as "Modern Employer 2024" and "Highest Fairness in the Job" also show that our approach is leading the way in modern and innovative HR design.

Author: Veronika Nette
Image: © nathaphat /