Log4Shell – Important security update for PROMATIS Extractor

Update for PROMATIS Extractor – What to do?

PROMATIS Extractor uses Log4j and is therefore vulnerable to the Log4Shell security gap. To close this gap, we will provide two solution options for you here. These apply to the current version 4.0.4.

PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.4

  • Option 1 “Patch” allows you to patch the installed version. To do so, you can download a patch with the files to be updated. Here, the changes are limited to what is necessary. An attached patch guide explains the steps necessary to implement the solution option.

Download patch

  • Option 2 “App” allows you to download the latest version of the PROMATIS Extractor App 4.0.4. This one already contains the necessary patches and brings the PROMATIS Extractor App up to date. To do so, a complete reinstallation of PROMATIS Extractor is necessary.

Download app

PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.3 and older

For PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.3 and older versions we recommend an update to PROMATIS Extractor 4.0.4. In this case, please contact our support at support@promatis.de.

PROMATIS Cloud Extractor 4.0.4

PROMATIS Cloud Extractor 4.0.4

New release available!

Fans of our successful PROMATIS Extractor may rejoice – a new release is available for all cloud users. The tool has become even easier to use – especially for customers who use multiple plugins. Benefit from an intelligent and flexible data extraction solution – a data extraction of the next generation!

What’s new? Excerpt from the new features

  • With the new release, reports can be extracted from both Oracle E-Business Suite and the cloud.
  • Multiple plugins are fully supported for one Extractor installation.
  • All installed plugins can be selected using a drop-down menu, and the plugin parameters are automatically saved in the configuration file.


Data Sheet PROMATIS Best Practice Extractor

to our Best Practice Products

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PROMATIS Cloud Extractor 4.0.4

Data extraction made easy – key technology for high data quality

PROMATIS Cloud Extractor 4.0.4 – New Release available

Ettlingen, January 18, 2021 – Data is the driving force of any organization. However, in order to benefit from the explosive growth of unstructured data, companies need an intelligent data extraction solution. This is exactly where the PROMATIS Extractor, with its sophisticated architecture and high practical affinity, comes in. Predefined extraction routines, specifically developed for the financial area and master data management, measurably automate the process of data extraction. PROMATIS – specialist for intelligent business processes and Oracle digitization solutions – now provides extended product features of this modern key technology with the new PROMATIS Cloud Extractor Release 4.0.4.

Due to the increasing integration of IT into the business processes of finance departments as well as extensive compliance requirements, data quality and data transparency have become significantly more important. Often, the biggest challenge consists of finding a suitable solution that sustainably manages and validly analyzes the most diverse types of data from a constantly growing number of sources. The remedy is a flexible extraction tool that can extract data even from highly integrated system landscapes and pre-aggregate it for easy analysis. Thus, the PROMATIS Extractor is a universally applicable software tool that is particularly suitable for demanding data extractions. The modular structure of the application as well as standardized workflows provide application-oriented extraction routines that are required for today’s business processes – while taking internal and external regulations into account.

With the new release 4.0.4, reports can now be extracted from the Oracle E-Business Suite as well as Oracle Fusion Applications Cloud. Furthermore, multiple plug-ins are fully supported for one Extractor installation. All installed plug-ins can be selected from a drop-down menu, and plug-in parameters can be automatically saved in the configuration file.

Anyone interested can learn about the full new additions to the PROMATIS Cloud Extractor 4.0.4 via email. For existing users, you can get the free link to the new release at support@promatis.de 

Image: © FrankRamspott/istockphoto.com