Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

The goal is clear: With Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), we offer our customers Oracle's leading infrastructure technologies on a subscription basis from the cloud - installed, managed, optimized and updated at any time by the manufacturer Oracle. You want to react elastically to fluctuating resource requirements and always use state-of-the-art technologies? Productivity, security and, if required, high availability are important to you? And for data storage, you expect virtually unlimited scalability, durability and security? Voilà: Oracle IaaS by PROMATIS!

Elastic computing capacity and power

Fast innovation cycles, fluctuating IT resource needs, requirements in terms of governance, risk, compliance and security or simply economic considerations are just some of the reasons for switching to Oracle's IaaS solutions. PROMATIS experts help the customer to configure the right solution for him.

Oracle Cloud offers the customized Elastic Compute Service for every need:

Dedicated Compute

An infrastructure solution set up specifically for the customer with isolated hardware and network resources in the Oracle Public Cloud offers guaranteed, consistent performance and meets the highest security standards. Site-to-site VPN for communication between on-premise resources and the customer-specific cloud resources and a finely granular configured dynamic firewall are special features of the Dedicated Compute Service.


For cost-sensitive users who also demand maximum flexibility from their infrastructure service, we recommend the Oracle Compute Service. This service is in no way inferior to the Dedicated Compute Service in terms of security and stability. However, the multi-tenant environment provided is shared by several customer companies.

Storage as a Service from the Oracle Cloud

Oracle Storage Service offers secure and practically unlimited scalable storage capacity. This saves our customers the need for complex hardware planning and cost-intensive storage reserves. Redundant storage strategies ensure high storage availability. For data management, Oracle consistently relies on open standards: an OpenStack Swift-compatible REST API and Java Library.

The Oracle Cloud offers the tailor-made storage service for every need:

Storage Cloud Service

Secure and scalable storage solution for fast and convenient access via the internet. Ideal for transaction processing and analytical evaluations.

Storage Cloud Archive Service

Particularly economical storage solution for large volumes of data with irregular data access. Typical applications are long-term storage of data, often with multimedia content, archives in scientific research and the preservation of cultural assets.

Shared File Storage Service

Seamless file sharing between multiple virtual machine instances in the Oracle Public Cloud. Security concept with security lists and groups. Redundant data storage on demand to avoid data loss.