Talentmanagement at PROMATIS – The focus on people

Talentmanagement at PROMATIS – The focus on people

Our working world is constantly changing and with it the requirements of employees. Individual talent management is therefore becoming increasingly important. But how does PROMATIS succeed in implementing such talent management?

In our 3-stage application process – which initially consists of an initial phone conversation with the HCM department, an interview with the respective specialist department and a personal meeting on site – the applicant gets to know the company PROMATIS with its diverse opportunities, as well as a detailed description of the tasks. But we also identify the strengths and interests of the applicant and can then integrate his or her skills and practical experience into the job even better.

In order to create a pleasant working atmosphere from the very first day, a positive impression and a structured initial training are very important to us. Even before their first day at work, new employees receive sufficient information about their first days and weeks. You will find out in advance who your mentor and supervisor is, whether you will start in the PROMATIS office or directly with the customer in the project. The dress code recommendation is also addressed in the welcome email. Onboarding ends on the first working day with a tour of the facilities. Here, the new employees get to know all their colleagues and gain their first insights into the corporate culture. Also the walk to the coffee machine in the PROMATIS lounge as well as information on how to organize the lunch break should not be missed.

Right at the start, each “newcomer” is assigned a mentor who introduces him or her to the new tasks and is available to answer any questions, both technical and about company customs. Integration into the team is an important factor for successful onboarding, in addition to the technical training.

The further training of employees is a central topic at PROMATIS, because the investment through qualification and certification represents added value for both the employee and the company. The central place for this can be found in the PROMATIS intranet “Inside”. In our Learning Center, supply and demand meet one another regarding the key resource of education. Employees can draw valuable potential for their individual further development from this source. For example, regular in-house training courses are held, the so-called “Learning Factory”, in which employees share their know-how. In addition, further internal and external training and certification opportunities are offered around the PROMATIS procedure model and external Oracle certification. A collection of various materials for self-study is available to employees at any time.

In addition to traditional courses, in-company training also includes attendance at external seminars, day fairs and conferences. In addition, further training opportunities can also be individually coordinated with employees in conjunction with various colleges and universities. Professional qualifications and further training are important prerequisites for successful personnel and thus corporate development.

Individual development opportunities, target agreements and successes in projects are discussed in semi-annual meetings with the supervisor. By creating a skills profile in our specially developed Workforce Center, each employee can view and further develop their personal development. The Workforce Center lists information about projects and individual skills of the employees. PROMATIS supports its employees individually with defined career paths.

Author: Selina Finter
Image: © pixabay.com

PROMATIS Digital Pioneer 2022

PROMATIS Digital Pioneer 2022

PROMATIS ranks first among IT service providers

To be considered a Digital Pioneer, the mere existence of digital infrastructures is not enough. A Digital Pioneer must be recognized in terms of its reputation as innovative, digital, economically profitable, and also as a good employer. Because digitization requires competent employees. And these employees prefer good employers. Against this backdrop, the study by the F.A.Z. Institute (by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, “Frankfurt General Newspaper“) – accompanied by the IMWF Institute for Management and Economic Research – examines more than 5,000 companies in digital industries using a combination of social listening and online employer ratings, and thus identifies Germany’s Digital Pioneers 2022.

The study is based on the following four criteria:

  1. Digital action
  2. Innovative capability
  3. Profitability/economic efficiency
  4. Attractiveness as an employer

The respective industry winner receives 100 points and thus sets the benchmark for all other examined companies within the industry. We are very pleased that PROMATIS takes first place in the category IT SERVICE PROVIDER with 100 points!

Click here for more information on motivation and methodology (page in German).

PROMATIS behind the scenes

PROMATIS behind the scenes

Getting started following Katharina's example

Dear Katharina, your career at PROMATIS has been nothing short of spectacular. Why don’t you start by telling us how it all began and what kinds of activities you participated in?

After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Systems from Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences, I started working for PROMATIS as a Business Consultant in October 2010 – in fact, I first discovered PROMATIS by a fluke via CareerContacts at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). When the topic of consulting came up, the first thing that came to my mind was “Consulting? I’m fresh out of university – who am I supposed to advise?”. But then I just went for it, and here I am!

In the course of my numerous customer projects, I have mainly been involved in the introduction, use and training of standard business application software, jetting around the world for PROMATIS in the first few years – Budapest, Milan, London, Vienna. That was quite exciting and eventful. For example, I worked for years at our customer Hutchison Drei Austria in Vienna and was able to focus on finance and accounting, cost accounting, controlling, consolidation, project accounting and controlling.

What do you particularly like about PROMATIS or what has shaped your professional life during this time?

I had the chance to get to know many different people, cultures and projects. That’s a level of diversity that you don’t find everywhere. At PROMATIS, we meet at eye level and communicate directly and in an uncomplicated manner. I feel particularly happy that I am accepted and respected as I am and that my work is highly valued. I also try to pass this on to our “newer” PROMATIS generation and in this way contribute to shaping the future of PROMATIS.

This appreciation was ultimately reflected in the way you climbed the career ladder?

Yes, that’s right. Not only was I appointed Head of the Horus Knowledge Community Finance and am in charge of further developing the area-specific knowledge bases, but I am now Head of Business Unit NetSuite and a Management Board member of the PROMATIS Group. I now have my own team that I am very proud of, and with whom I am able to handle many interesting and challenging projects. I am still involved in projects as well as in pre-sales up to support.

Wow! But how do you take time out and recharge your batteries, especially on stressful days?

Since August 2019, I’ve been getting up early several times a week, throwing on outdoor clothes and volunteering as a walker at the animal shelter – meanwhile I’ m doing it every day, which has definitely changed my life in a positive way. That’s a lot of miles that take my mind off the computer, but it’s also a lot of fun and a lot of dirt. But above all, it allows me to look at current problems and their solutions from a different perspective. I also like to do yoga and bouldering with colleagues. In general, a healthy work-life balance is very important in consulting. That’s often difficult at the beginning, because especially starting out in consulting can be really engrossing.


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