Oracle Data Analytics

More accurate, better and faster decisions in business or the evaluation of development and research results - these are the challenges in today's market that call for powerful data analysis technologies. Transaction-oriented systems are usually overtaxed here, although they provide valuable data material. As the global market leader, Oracle offers a complete portfolio of innovative products for the acquisition, management and evaluation of data of all types: scalability and security included.

Data Analytics with PROMATIS

PROMATIS has been realizing Data Analytics solutions based on Oracle for more than 20 years. The strength of PROMATIS Analytics specialists lies in the combination of business and technical know-how. In addition to Oracle products, we also use products from third-party providers in customer projects, including SAP BW and BusinessObjects, Cognos, Informatica, QlikView. We understand that data is the new currency of the digital economy.

Our portfolio of Data Analytics solutions

Oracle Analytics Platform

Comprehensive cloud-based platform for visual data analytics, planning, budgeting and forecasting. On this platform, we develop future-proof analytics solutions with potential, focusing on the following products:
– Oracle Business Analytics Platform, the comprehensive platform for analysis, visualization and reporting.
- Oracle Essbase Cloud, the market-leading server for multidimensional analyses and forecasts
- Oracle Data Visualization for fast graphical visualization and analysis
- Oracle Synopsis and Oracle Day by Day for Mobile Analytics

Oracle On-Premise Business Intelligence

Robust platform for data analytics on a wide variety of data types – including self-service and mobile applications.
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Analytics Cloud Applications

Pre-built analytics dashboards and reports from the public cloud: role-specific, industry-specific

  • Human Resources Analytics
    Employee productivity can be measured, monitored and increased. Not only is the top and bottom performance of staff determined, but talent can be better identified and retained. In addition, the success of your own initiatives can be measured.
  • Sales Analytics
    Notifications of up-sell and cross-sell opportunities help increase the accuracy of sales forecasts and identify the best customers and most profitable products.
  • Marketing Analytics
    Real-time effectiveness review of marketing campaigns. Thus, success factors that drive lead conversion can be measured. Additionally, individual campaign results can be compared against metrics.
  • Customer Service Analytics
    Bottlenecks in the call center can be detected more easily. As a result, resolution times can be significantly shortened and customers can be satisfied at the first inquiry.
  • Finance Analytics
    Use up-to-the-minute information to demonstrate compliance, measure profitability, and secure shareholder value. This provides enterprise-wide visibility into all revenue and expenses.
  • Project Management Analytics
    Automated alerts, metrics, collaboration dashboards, and reports are provided at every stage of the project. This keeps all stakeholders up to date on budget.
  • Procurement Analytics
    Provides insight into direct and indirect spend across global accounts, creating visibility into savings opportunities and enabling cost reductions.
  • Supply Chain Analytics
    Inventory, orders, and fulfillment can be analyzed and evaluated to strategically optimize supply network response.

Big Data

Implementing ambitious information management strategies that leverage structured business data alongside new types of data that emerge not from conventional data entry, but from social media or machine-generated. For this, we work with the Oracle Big Data product portfolio in all task areas: Aggregate, Manage, Experiment, Analyze and Act. In customer projects, we also use common open source technologies, including Apache Hadoop, HBase, Apache Kafka, Spark.
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