Well prepared for everyday project work with PROMATIS certifications

February 08, 2024

PROMATIS stands for business excellence and applies this to all projects. The often complex and multidimensionally linked projects are implemented by experts who are characterized by in-depth knowledge of high-quality business processes. PROMATIS has developed a certification concept that is actively practiced in order to ensure consistently high quality. The standardized procedure ensures the necessary transparency of the individual project steps and the required documentation while keeping the focus on the goal. The certifications gradually promote the professional competence of employees, which in turn is reflected in an increase of efficiency and effectiveness of work processes.

Specifically, the PROMATIS Group carries out the following certifications:


The modern BPM tool not only structures and transparently displays business processes, but also processes regardless of their number and complexity. The certifications in 2023 show that this is also used at PROMATIS: 72 certifications as Horus Certified BPM Consultant were achieved, with the main focus on practical use in projects.


PROMATIS' Integrated Quality Process Model (IQPM) considerably improves processes and serves as the foundation for successful projects that are implemented in a structured, systematic manner within time and budget. The fact that this is an elementary component of PROMATIS' success shows in the quantity of certifications: 160 different certification units were held in almost 1,300 hours, which deal with the project phases in progressive levels.

The concrete example shows that this well thought-out concept, which builds on one another, brings real benefits:

An internationally operating group of companies had to adapt its ERP processes due to the increasing complexity of the company processes and the growing business volume. The reengineering of the business processes was carried out using the PROMATIS IQPM process model. The project organization and the project activities to be carried out were defined with all their framework conditions and interdependencies. The next step involved the redesign of the business processes based on the Horus method. A total of over 70 models were created for 15 departments with high complexity and various correlations, including valid documentation.

Thanks to this PROMATIS certification concept, this comprehensive task could be implemented in a short time by qualified colleagues. The increased understanding of the functionalities within a company, analytical thinking and working in coherent process and organizational transparency as well as a systematic approach to the presentation of complex interrelationships were intensively conveyed in the certification units as a result.

The more than 2,200 hours spent on the different training units in 2023 are really well invested. The high-quality knowledge transfer also makes the tasks fun, which has a direct impact on efficiency and effectiveness in the project business.

Author: Dr. Thomas Karle