Digital Adoption or: Unlocking new potentials

Digital Adoption Solutions help users get up and running with new applications in an effective and time-saving way. Step-by-step instructions guide users through the new software directly on the application interface and in real time. In this way, gaps between users and software can be optimally closed, and customers can start the phase of productive use immediately and without additional training.

Here's how customers are embracing the benefits of Digital Adoption solutions for their Digital Evolution

Intuitive step-by-step assistance

Increased user acceptance

Action instructions live & on demand

Cost efficiency

Tailored to user requirements

Self service made easy

Knowing where to go

With our partners we offer the easiest to use Digital Adoption solution

Interactive click routes introduce users to software effortlessly. There are no restrictions on loading times and the minimally invasive integration guarantees the quick and simple introduction into existing or new systems. Many different functions and flexible contract models are available, always matching the respective company's own requirements.

The perfect symbiosis

In the course of establishing a self-service center, to introduce many users to a new software at the same time, for optimized process routines within an application, and many more. The list of possible uses is long.

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