PROMATIS Managed Services & Support

June 29, 2021

Getting through times of crisis safely and simultaneously mastering technological change!

Complex enterprise applications are the driving force behind digital transformation in companies. But these high-value systems take their toll as a result of a high demand for IT and support resources in order to ensure a smooth operation and an intelligent further development of the systems. High availability, service quality and economic efficiency are required. The IT department, as an internal service provider for service management, is quite often overwhelmed in this respect. Especially when the internal customer demands standardized services and binding service level agreements. More and more companies are meeting these challenges by outsourcing service management services.

Demand-driven outsourcing of IT services: Service quality & economic efficiency

PROMATIS Managed Services & Support (MS&S) is a demand-oriented outsourcing of IT services, in which the customer only hands over as much responsibility as corresponds to the individual strategic goals and preferences. In doing so, the customer taps into a reservoir of highly qualified and motivated service personnel and additionally lays the foundation for effective innovation management to meet the ever increasing pace of technological change. From practice for practice – this is the premise based on which this solution was designed. It is characterized by high service quality and economic efficiency as well as a transparent and scalable (up + down) service model based on ITIL®. Proven process models, fair service level agreements and the use of Best Practice solutions contribute to this.

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