Managed Services & Support – The paddle stays in your hand

June 21, 2021

More and more companies are struggling to meet the increasing requirements placed on their IT. Complex enterprise applications in particular are the engine for digital transformation in companies, but these high-value systems take their toll as a result of a high demand for IT and support resources in order to ensure a smooth operation and an intelligent further development of the systems. Purchased managed services can help here, as the IT service is carried out by an external provider. This service has a virtually recurring character and is typically performed every month. To this end, the exact scope of service is regulated in a service level agreement (SLA). And it gets even better: the provider must be measured against the requirements defined therein.

There are basically no limits to the variety of IT services that can be outsourced via managed services. The focus is always on the individual needs of the company, because only the services that are actually required are purchased. In contrast to full outsourcing, the company keeps the paddle in its own hands and thus maintains complete control over its own IT. In other words, the customer retains authority over the overall structure and processes. Meanwhile, managed services are not only preferably used by large corporations, but some providers have specialized in the provision of IT services for small and medium-sized enterprises, because it is precisely here that IT resources must be handled efficiently. Consequently, managed services and outsourcing are not one and the same. While outsourcing seeks to completely outsource corporate IT to an external IT service provider, managed services only involves handing over certain sub-areas – without any loss of control. This results in another important consequence: Managed services do not involve any job cuts! Whereas outsourcing is always accompanied by a reduction in personnel – sometimes, entire departments are eliminated -, managed services is aimed at relieving existing employees of their dead wood so that they can concentrate optimally on their core tasks. This creates scope for new investments and resources as well as capacity for growing IT requirements.

PROMATIS Managed Services & Support (MS&S™) is a demand-driven outsourcing of IT services, in which customers only hand over as much responsibility as is in line with their strategic goals and preferences. For this reason, PROMATIS speaks of a “breathing” service solution – meaning no long-term fixation of the service scope, but a dynamic adjustment to current needs. Characteristics of PROMATIS MS&S are a high service quality and economic efficiency as well as a transparent and scalable (up + down) service model based on ITIL®, supplemented by proven process models, fair service level agreements and the use of established Best Practice solutions. Sounds good? Try it out!

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Author: Marion Rosemann

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