E-Business Suite Cloud Manager can finally discover environments

October 06, 2021

Johannes Michler PROMATIS Horus Oracle

Senior Vice President – Head of Platforms & Development

As described in many of my previous posts, Oracle E-Business Suite Cloud Manager tooling allows for a convenient management of your Oracle E-Business Suite environments on OCI.

Last week, Oracle came out with another release of the tooling: https://blogs.oracle.com/ebsandoraclecloud/post/ebs-cloud-manager-discovery-with-21111-release

This new version provides a powerful new capability: it is now possible to not just provision or lift & shift new environments using the cloud manager, but with the latest release you can discover an existing environment on OCI and later on manage it using E-Business Suite Cloud Manager. In retrospect on recent projects regarding E-Business Suite on OCI, this would have helped in many situations:

  1. When performing a cross-platform migration, e.g. from Sparc Solaris to x86 on OCI, the lift and shift utility cannot be easily used. Thus, the process consists of a more manual approach e.g. using techniques such as Cross Platform Transportable Tablespaces. That in itself is no big deal, however it was not possible to previously use Cloud Manager in such environments to create e.g. backups or clones.
  2. For another customer, we were using a virtual external tier for iSupplier Portal running on the main application server with 12.1.3. During the upgrade to 12.2, we had to add a second zone with a dedicated virtual machine for external access in a separate DMZ.
  3. A third customer has been running on OCI for quite some time. When they initially provided their production E-Business Suite Cloud Manager, they used an Operating System image, as it had been up to date back then. Unfortunately, that image is not compatible with the latest E4 compute shapes, which provide great performance. Click here for more details.

In all those situations, we had to perform a lift and shift process performing a backup of the initial environment on OCI, and then restore that backup again. For an average size environment with appx 5 TB of storage, this took up to 24 hours.

The new Cloud Manager version gets rid of this error-prone and time-consuming process.