Increasing ROI through automated data extraction

Experience with monthly and year-end closing clearly shows you that extracting data costs a lot of resources: personnel, time and money. This is a burden not only in times of skills shortage.

Find out how you can quickly increase your return on investment (ROI) with automated data extraction for your monthly closing – and tailored precisely to your company.

less cost

higher quality

less time required

increased ROI

Calculate your ROI

Enter your data and with one click you can find out when automated data extraction will amortize for your company.

Data entry

Company size

Select the fitting company size for the calculation.

Time required for monthly closing

Enter your time required for the monthly closing in hours.


Your Return on Investment

After you have entered your company size and the monthly time required for the closing, you will find out below how quickly your cost for automated data extraction will be amortized and what percentage you will save.

Amortization period:

ROI in %:

Curious for more information?

The data is based on average values provided of the PROMATIS Group

Would you have expected this?

PROMATIS offers you two different best practice solutions that save you time and costs thanks to automatic data extraction.

PROMATIS Extractor

Universally applicable tool for data extraction

  • Simple implementation of all localization requirements
  • Uncomplicated reporting
  • Seamless integration into the company's IT
  • Flexible application thanks to standardized plug-ins


High-end tool for multiple data extraction processes

  • Seamless integration of multiple databases
  • Parallel data extraction and harmonization of data
  • Application-specific plug-ins for high-performance data extraction with minimal transmission time in CSV format
  • Intuitive dashboards for meaningful analyses


Would you like to find out more about PROMATIS DataSmart or PROMATIS Extractor? Please feel free to contact us.