February 25, 2022 webImpuls – Identifying Supply Chain Act Opportunities Through Planning Processes

The Supply Chain Act requires much more than just bringing suppliers together. Risks and weak points along the supply chain must be uncovered. The measures derived from this with a comprehensive reporting system are necessary in order to perform in compliance with the law. The qualification management system is elementary, improving supplier compliance, data accuracy as well as transparency. Intelligent supplier qualification management ensures that all suppliers that are directly and indirectly involved in the supply chain are qualified and certified.


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The days-long blockade of the Suez Canal by the container ship “Ever Given” also made us aware that unexpected disruptions in supply chains, financial flows and sales markets are commonplace for globally operating companies. “Need for speed” is the challenge: “know faster, adapt faster, act faster” become critical success factors. Global companies are often still lacking a unified view of their end-to-end business plan with corporate strategy in mind. The solution to this dilemma: Integrated Business Planning supported by a cloud-based IBPx solution. With that in mind, the speakers will discuss the topic of sourcing. After all, how can procurement processes fit seamlessly into these new types of value creation processes? A constantly changing procurement portfolio, complex orders, networking with partners along the supply chain, and real-time availability of internal and external data are just a few developments that illustrate the opportunities and challenges.

The webinar will be held in German.


Claus Engel_PROMATIS
Claus Engel, Vice President – Head of SCM/Logistics Operations PROMATIS software GmbH
Birgit Breitschuh_Oliver Wight
Birgit Breitschuh, Managing Associate Oliver Wight EAME LLP